Julien Alvarez named judge for Savour Patissier of the Year

Julien-AlvarezSavour Patissier of the Year is excited to announce one of the world s leading pastry chefs, Julien Alvarez of the Peninsula Paris as a judge of the competition.

Originally from the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne, Julien began his apprenticeship in the local pastry Dieumegard. While learning the basics of his craft, he participated in various competitions where he won several awards including the tasting at Best Apprentice of France.

B-3wFHKWoAEmDYZJulien left France to join the team at Bubo in Barcelona under Carles Mampel. In 2008 he returned to France to attend the opening of the first store, Pastry of Dreams with Philippe Conticini and MOF Angelo Musa. He became a trainer at the famous school Bellouet Council, headed by Jean-Michel Perruchon in 2010 before joining the Spanish team pastry and would become world champion in Lyon the following year (with Jordi Bordas Santacreu and Josep Guerola) .

In June 2014, the Peninsula contact Julien to offer him to become the head of the sweet world of the establishment. He recently won, Best Pastry hope 2014 by Relais Desserts.

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