Guillaume Lopvet wins Savour Patissier of the Year 2018

The best pastry chefs from around the globe traveled to Sydney, to battle it out at the third annual Savour Patissier of the Year competition.

Held at Foodservice Australia from 26-28 May, the competition welcomed finalists of the highest calibre Рeach plating up their very best ̩clairs, tarts, entremets and desserts, for a shot at winning over $50,000 in cash and prizes, along with a trip to train at Ravifruit studio in Hong Kong.

The group of patisserie professionals battled it out over three days, showcasing their skills and expertise before a world-class judging panel which included; Frank Haasnoot, World Chocolate Master; Melissa Coppel, award winning chocolatier; Jerome Landrieu, Director of the Callebaut Academy in Chicago; and Paul Kennedy, Executive Pastry Chef at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School.

Kirsten Tibballs, who is owner of Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School, competition founder and widely considered one of the world s greatest pastry chefs was host across the event and was nothing short of impressed by what she experienced.

œThis year, finalists were world class and the level of skill that went into all of the creations was outstanding, Kirsten said. œEach of the competitors plated up their very best in innovation, design and flavour, and it was mesmerising to watch the room of pastry chefs, each wholly concentrated on the task at hand.

The judges tasted well over one hundred individual products across the three days of competition. Paul Kennedy, competition judge and Savour s very own executive pastry chef said, œThe competition this year was exceptional, displaying a range of different flavour combinations and product designs “ with colour being a huge element across each of the product categories. At times, judging was difficult “ highlighting the outstanding skill set of each finalist.

Dessert-LargerIn a nail-biting finale, the competitor with the highest combined score across each of the categories, Guillaume Lopvet was named the 2018 Savour Patissier of the Year and category winners included:

KitchenAid Tarts “ Philip Khoury

Ravifruit Eclairs “ Tat Man Ricky Wong

Bulla Family Dairy Desserts “ Esteban Garcia

Callebaut Entremets “ Kevin Gully

Of the event, Kirsten said, œThe support surrounding this year s competition was exceptional and I was truly honoured to have had the world s best attend. I established the competition as a platform to recognise and showcase the talent of young pastry chefs and this year s event has left me truly excited for what the future of this great industry holds.

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