May 4, 2018

Competitor Q&A

Here are a list of questions, which have been asked by competitors in the lead up to the Savour Patissier of the Year competition.


As an international competitor, when should I arrive?
Last year, the earliest arrival was Tuesday – the latest, around Thursday/ early Friday. But it is completely up to you.

Any updates on the kitchen for International chefs to use prior to competition?
We re still in contact with Kitchens, but we do recommend you try sourcing your kitchen first.


Do I have to choose the plates and bowls?
Last year you did. But to make things easier, these are your choices. You are able to choose on the day.

These are the choices:

p.105 (SH9120128) 280mm d x 52mm

p. 94 (95209) 305mm d x 30mm

Tart/ Entremets/ Éclair – Slices
Pg. 94 (95204) 190mm x 20mm

Tart/ Entremets “ Full Size
Pg. 77 (94192) 310mm d x 18mm
Pg. 76 (94416) 300mm x 300mm

Eclairs/ Entremets “ Full Size
p. 82 (94430) 230mm L x 135mm w

Concerning plates: are they polished before using or do I need to polish them within my 30 minutes?
They will be ready to used.

Am I am deciding on plates/ bowl shortly before my scheduled time?
The decision on plates will be quick, in some cases only the 1 choice, you can do this just prior to your start time if you like.


The rule states that it could be any shape, could I create one large tart made up of 8 individual parts that can the placed together to create one large tart but pulled apart they are 8 individual identical tarts? I will create this in addition to 8 individual identical tarts.
Yes you can.

As described in the PDF sent earlier this year. Tarte and Entrement have to be sliced. Am I am cutting these and place each part for the judges on a separate plate or who is doing that?
Yes, you will be slicing these yourself.


Can the eclair be any shape or form? or does it have to look more like a traditional eclair?
Any shape or form.

How many eclairs are placed on one plate?
You will need to create 16 identical éclairs. Six (6) to be placed on individual plates to present to the judges and 10 placed on a plate for photography.


Do I have to create 16 different desserts?
No. 16 identical in flavour and plating.


Can I use the Callebaut powder mousse mix for this as the mousse base? It s so stable and freezes and defrosts beautifully that I would like to use that in addition to another Callebaut product in these Entremets rather than making a mousse in an environment, humidity, sea level etc that I do not know and risking having it not produce as good of a result on the mousse, all the other elements I will make from scratch.
I ve spoken to Kirsten, she recommends œto make from scratch, but if you would prefer to use it, just make sure your product is not compromised by using the powder “ i.e. as good as if you made it from scratch.

I would like to know where in Sydney I could find Sosa ingredients?
F Mayer Imports “ Gary Willis <>

Can I use Cacao Barry?
Whilst you MUST use a Callebaut product in the entremets category, you can also use Cacao Barry chocolate in each of the categories if you choose. You cannot use any other brands besides these two.

So what this means “ Callebaut ONLY for Entremets.
The other categories: Desserts, Tarts and Eclairs can use a Cacao Barry product if you choose.
You cannot use any other brand, besides Callebaut and Cacao Barry.

What fruits and vegetables are in season for Australia? (probably a question more for International competitors)
This is quite a good website with the seasonal produce from March to May:

There are obviously less accessible fruits than others¦ but a fruit market should have everything on the list.

I d say about 80% of fruits on the list are available in general supermarkets, these supermarkets are called œColes or œWoolworths.


The plates that you sent through on the previous email, you stated that we do not need to send our selection through, but that we can choose on the day, am I correct in understanding that I do not need to send the selection through as of yet?
Correct. You make your selection on the day. i.e. if you want to design a dessert for a bowl. You know that a bowl will be available based on the list of plates I sent.

The recipes as submitted, can I change the plating from the submitted recipe should I need to?
Yes. You can change plates.

Would I be allowed to plate it the day before and then just add the finishing touches onto it at the time of the competition?
Plating needs to be done in the allocated time. Kirsten suggests do a test cake prior to competition, glaze the cake, put a thermometer into the centre of the cake, the hole that is created can be covered by a garnish and time how long it takes to get 3-5 degrees to know how long it takes to defrost.


Can I use liquid nitrogen?

Can we light things on fire, or is fire allowed. Like flambéing?


Do I have to use an assistant for desserts category?
No. Most did, but quite a few didn t.
One international competitor out of five, used an assistant. The rest just plated themselves.

Do I have to register?
If you are having an assistant to help you with plating your dessert, we please ask that you register them before the competition.

It will be easier for you both to just walk though without your assistant having to register at the door.

Just use this website:
For company, either put your own company or Savour Patissier of the Year


Can I churn my Ice-cream offsite “ e.g. not within the competition preparation time?
Yes. Just like any other element of your products, you can make EVERYTHING off site.
If you can do it, by all means do it, but obviously, not everyone has the ability to access a machine.

You will only receive an extra 10 minutes if you are choosing to churn ON SITE.
Can I get an extra 10 minutes if I am doing a Granita with the machines on site?

Can we please arrange it so that competitors such as myself have access to the blast freezer before our allotted time to make sure the ice cream doesn’t melt?
The blast freezer is on throughout the competition and be used at any time, so this is no problem at all.

Will the ice cream machine be cleaned and ready to use within the allocated time, who is responsible to clean, and if any cleaning solution is available? Can I churn and then let it stay in the machine (holding mode) during my slot time, or pretty much churn and extract for the next person to use?
You will have to clean the machine. Cleaning product is provided. Churn and extract. You will have at least 45 minutes to clean it before next competitor, so there is quite a bit of time.


Where will the mixer and microwave be?
Mixer will be on the bench.
Microwave will be in the competition area “ we haven t got a floor plan just yet “ but would only be a few meters from the benches.


Can I use a special cake stand to put onto the plate for the products?
Although, we laud the use of creativity, we have to say “no” to a stand.

The reason being:
1. We want the judges to focus on the cake.
2. We feel it might set a dangerous precedence for future competitions of people trying to ‘out do’ each other with higher and wackier stands.

Can I use a cake board?
Yes. You can use a cake board. IF, it is small enough or perfectly sized to not detract from the cake and fit on the plate we provide.


Replying with my required jacket size, men’s medium should work for me. One further question will you be shipping the jacket and apron to me or will we be collecting it at the event?
Collecting at event.

My colleague who would be helping me for the plating, even he would get a Chef jacket or he need to bring one of his own.
He would have to bring his own.

Do I need to mention the garnish as well on the recipes?
Yes, please mention the garnish as well.


If you are having family and friends come to support you, you can also register using the same link.
Again, either put your own company or Savour Patissier of the Year