Interview with Judge Paul Kennedy

18077180_1421703764567194_3504019040702757287_oPaul Kennedy is the Executive Pastry Chef of Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School, teaching thousands of aspiring pastry chefs from all corners of the globe who visit the school. He also has experience competing in patisserie competitions around the world, including the World Chocolate Masters.


We are very fortunate to have Paul take time out of his very busy schedule to be a guest judge at Savour Patissier of the Year and answer some questions.


How did you become involved with the Savour Patissier of the Year competition?

I ve been working at the school for over 10 years so when the concept of this competition came about i expressed an interest in being involved any way I could.


Why did you want to be a judge at the event?

I was a judge last year and it was an amazing experience from both a judging point of view and being among that calibre of pastry chef (judges) was truly humbling.


What are your thoughts on Australian patisserie products?

The pastry industry in Australia has had an incredible transformation over the last ten years or so. We have some amazing Pastry chefs here and some very good Patisseries.


What are you most looking forward to judging: eclairs, plated dessert, entremets or tarts?

I have to say i love eclairs, i love the simplicity of an eclair. When done right they can be amazing.


What are you looking for from the competitors? What does it take for a dish to truly wow you?

Obiviously the visual aspect of each pastry is very important But my advice to the competitors is to stick to the brief. Don t over complicate it. Let your products speak for themselves.


What is more important: innovation, flavour, or the look of the dish?

i think its very hard to separate these into categories as each one is as important as the other. Having said that taste will always will win over everything else


What are you looking forward to seeing most?

I am looking to meeting the other judges (Antonio Bachour I already know). But I follow them on Instagram and I m in awe of their work.


Anything else you would like to add?

I m very excited to be involved in this amazing competition as it showcases everything that’s good about our industry

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